Hair Stylist Extraordinaire

williams-39 copyRecently, I was asked to create some new and edgy headshots for one of my favorite hair stylists so naturally, I jumped at the chance! This is Victoria and she currently can be found styling Whitehorse’s most on-trend and fashionable folks at the Color Bar Hair Resort. She hails from Yellowknife but calls Whitehorse home. If you are looking for a fabulous date-night style or a full on fresh start for your tresses, she’s your gal!

williams-25 copy

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Enchanting the Lens – Robin

Carrey-64 copy

When women come to me to book their glamour portrait, nine times out of ten it is something they want to do as a gift to themselves. Sometimes, it is to celebrate a milestone birthday or to show off a new figure after committing to weight loss. Other times, it is just because they want to see their beauty from my point of view. When Robin came to me, she was quiet, shy and definitely a fish out of water. While in the studio, we worked together to build her comfort level and to help her sparkling personality come through. This image is one of my favorites from that day.

I love everything about this image. Her cheeky smirk, her incredible hair color and what you can’t see is that she brought along her amazing John Fluevog boots. Super funky, super cool.

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Introducing Juliann and the inspiration for *SHINE*

The light which shines in the eye
is really the light of the heart.
the light which fills the heart
is the light of God. ~Rumi

fraser-32special copy

This remarkable beauty is my friend Juliann. She is one of the moms I met through our community of home educators. Truthfully, we’re very new friends. But when I first met her, I knew immediately that there was something uncommonly captivating about her. I knew that the sense of kindness and warmth when I was near her was something I’d like to experience again. Some people just do that to you. Their energy, their magnetism draws you in and only in the most sincere and authentic way. This is what my first real exchange was like. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to see her again and know her better. This was full-on friend-crush territory. I love that feeling. I’ve not had it since Brooke and I first met.

When I explained to Brooke how Juliann fit into  my life, I said that before meeting her I felt as though I had already cashed in on the friend lottery win of a lifetime with Brooke who is the Yin to my Yang, the Salt to my Peppa. She is the Garth to my Wayne. We are two halves of a whole. That hasn’t changed. But. With Juliann, she’s like the bonus scratch on a scratch and win ticket where you ACTUALLY win the prize. Winning twice. Yay!

fraser-91 copyJump cut to last week. I drop my kiddo off at their house for a play date. We chat about logistics and the plan for the day. Then she pulls me aside. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” It had that ominous tone. I had no idea what to expect. “I was just diagnosed with cancer.”

Fuck. What?

The few details she knows are disclosed. Breast cancer. Surgery is next week.

Inside I die a little. My mom instincts kick into overdrive. I want to fix it but I know that’s not possible. I want to hug her and protect her and make it all go away. But I can’t.

“Can I photograph you? Before your surgery, after, anytime you want. I don’t know what to do but I do know how to do that.”

Jump cut to yesterday. Hair at 9. Pre-op appointment at 10:45. Makeup at 1. Photos at two. Surprisingly no tears but lots of laughter, hugging and jaw dropping, honest-to-god beauty.

Tomorrow, this woman will have her body altered to spare her health. But clearly, her beauty, femininity, woman-ness is not in the sum of her parts but in the whole of who she is.

fraser-141special copyfraser-162 copyThis brings me to the next part of my post. *SHINE*.

*SHINE* is a project that has been on my mind for a very long time. Up until the writing of this post, it has remained unnamed but in light of my session with Juliann and in memory of some of the most beautiful women I know who have fought Cancer (Maia Elderfield, Jen Thompson, and countless others) as well as survivors with varied outcomes. You have inspired my project to photograph women fighting cancer. To give them a day of total celebration regardless of life’s sometimes shitty hand of cards.

I am looking for corporate sponsors to partner with me on this project to make these sessions available at no cost to the participants. The cost to sponsor starts at $2800 which will give the participant a day of professional hair and makeup with partnering professionals, a fully styled studio portrait shoot and corresponding products. Partnering sponsors will receive mention on the blog post, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media streams with the sharing of each individual image from the shoot (typically three images, shared individually). Tagging on Facebook will occur when the sponsoring partner has a Facebook page.

For participants to be photographed, they need to be nominated by someone who has obtained their consent to do so. Nominations must include the full name, phone number, email and mailing address of the participant. the participant will agree to have a portion of their story disclosed in blog posts and on other social media streams. There will be ZERO cost to the participant.

At this time, interested partners can email me at with their full contact information as well as a brief 500 word summary of why they wish to be a sponsoring partner in this project. Not all who apply will be approved. This is a cause that is very dear to me and it is my highest priority for this to be a beautiful, effortless alliance.

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favorites and goals


I don’t know if this is something I can stick with but I seriously hope I can. I saw this post concept on another bloggers page and thought it was fantastic. It can bring together some of my favorite things. Gratitude, goal setting with my Core Desired Feelings (don’t know what those are? Find out HERE).  The intention is to reflect on the past month and see where I landed in my goals. Nothing too huge, ideally, super do-able and maybe if we’re lucky, it’ll even be fun.

So to kick things off, since I didn’t set specific goals for October, I don’t have anything to check off. BUT. I do have my CDF’s and they are, as always, JOY, LIGHT, ABUNDANT, NOURISHED, DIVINE FEMININE.cdf

Some of the things that happened in October that rocked my CDFs

1. One thing that brought me joy was photographing some of the homeschool peeps’ kids. Infinitely fun. Busy, energetic and not at all about getting paid. It was about being of service and having a good time. Check.

2. Light happened in a bit of a literal way. I bought a “Happy Light”. I try to use this bad boy daily and I’m fairly sure it is helping. Living North of 60 in the winter can make for some super bummer days so me and my happy light get together in the morning for a little one-on-one time. (the link to Amazon is an affiliate link)

3. Abundance, well she was all up in here in myriad ways. I quilted, I knitted, I cooked and I read. Lots. Abundantly. Score!

4. Nourished. This one is a complicated one for me. Sometimes, being nourished has to do with literal food. Sometimes being nourished is more about taking care of my soul. In the aforementioned craft projects and introspection time as well as a few runs and hikes, I was making sweet, sweet love to nourishment.

5. Last but not least is Divine Feminine. This one is about my inner goddess, my Shakti energy. Sexy, sensual, curvy, soft, feminine. Long hair, dangly earrings, frilly undies and matching bras. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. That’s some sexy, divinely feminine shit right there.

November Goals

1. Studio “loose ends”

Since taking a break from the studio in March, a small handful of clients are still patiently waiting for their prints. This month, it is all getting wrapped up. Client orders printed and jpegs delivered so that they can get on with their Christmas plans.

2. Handmade Holiday list.

Because we practice a pretty strict, yet fun criteria for Christmas gifting (Something you want, something you need, something you wear and something you read) and I have the skills to KILL the “something to wear” category, I need to get ON IT. Some plans are taking shape. I borrowed a serger which will change everything. Every. Thing. I just need to write it all down and then set aside actual time. Ordering in what I need to because sometimes, in the North, you can’t find SHIT in the stores.

3. Prepare my December Daily pages

Of course, this depends entirely on when the kit arrives but after pre-making a bunch of pages last year, it was pretty easy to make the time to shoot, print and assemble regularly. Brooke is on the December Daily train this year too so I have a buddy to keep me going.

Not taking on too much is part of the secret to success for me. What are your gratitudes and goals for October and November. Share in the comments, I want to hear from you!




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These are a few of my favorite pins

I don’t know about you but me and Pinterest, we go WAY back. Like, when it was still in beta (early 2010) and you had to get a special invitation to join. Yep, there I was, in the front of the line, hand waggling in the air like an eager fourth grader with the answer to the math question, ready for an invitation and to start pinning. I didn’t even know what the hell a pin was or why I wanted to use one, I just knew that I did. Had to have it. Had. To.

Jump cut to present day. I have at the time of this writing, 78 boards, 6,211 pins, 1,829 followers. I have had to budget Pinterest time. I’ve had to cut myself off from reckless acts of pinning. I’ve had to give myself pep-talks because of all the incredible projects no human could ever accomplish in ten lifetimes. I had to accept the discovery of incredible pins as being almost as good as crafting every single one of them. I use my Pinterest account for mostly personal things but it has been super handy for communicating shoot concepts with clients. I also use it to inspire clients with their wardrobe planning. Visual cues. Genius.

My most-used boards are definitely my Wicked Eats board (477 pins), my Knit-tastic (311 pins) and Quilt-tastic (226 pins) boards equally, my Pretty Garments board (582 pins) and my Cool and Crafty board (558 pins). My Dream House board (414 pins) is clearly a well used board but that one, I really need to be in the mood for. Out of all the boards, my favorite pins are as follows:

Wicked Eats (I’ve made each of these multiple times. They’re now family favorites!)

Chicken Bacon Wild Rice Soup

Chickpea Curry with coconut Rice

Oatmeal Molasses Bread

Knit-tastic (these are on my to-knit list)


The Coolest Slippers EVER!

Little boys in sweaters

Quilt-tastic (not yet made but maybe one day!)

this cool quilt made of solids

everyone knows I love grey and I love chevrons so…

of course, traditional designs with modern fabrics are also a win.

Pretty Garments (My source for inspiration when I look at my closet full of clothes and feel like I have nothing to wear)

always sequins for evening

blazer, denim, heels. classic.

comfy, stylish jeans and top. Killer kicks. jewelry and handbag. Voila.

Cool and Crafty (this board made me feel like a failure for a while. Now I accept that I simply cannot make everything I’ve pinned. I’m mostly ok with that.)

Dream Catchers  (made these with the boy. Huge success. Tricky, but awesome)

butterfly mobile (haven’t made this yet but almost have the supplies ready. Can’t wait!!)

felted acorn ornaments (my brother mailed me acorn hats since none grow this far north. Those are on this winter’s list of to-do’s)

Dream House Goodies (one day, we’ll finish building our house. This board is for that time)

gorgeous wood trim for the mud room

the prettiest tiny laundry room ever

incredible sliding doors to save floor space

Leave your Pinterest link in the comments section. I’ll check out your boards and I might even follow them!



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