Creative 52 – week eight (a little out of order)

creative52-8-170 copyPhotographing outdoors is, in itself a huge challenge for me. I got my start with natural light shooting but since honing my skills as a studio photographer, I’ve learned that I prefer the control and continuity of shooting in the studio. However, it was a great exercise for me to get outside with my amazingly tolerant, enthusiastic dancer friend, Grayson and see what kinds of wintry magic could be made with some ballet slippers, legwarmers and snow. Those of you who are Yukon residents know that our local landscape is breathtaking but those of you who are not from these parts might be really blown away to see a setting like this. A quiet back road, warm dappled spring light and the bluest skies that you’d hardly believe were real (and they are!) The Yukon is a magical, gorgeous place filled with exceptional people who I sometimes get to photograph. Best deal ever.

Brooke - Wow – we really do live in an incredibly beautiful place! What a stunning image :)

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Desire Map Goodness


I love me some great tattoos and sacred geometry too boot. Danielle LaPorte has launched a gorgeous collection of temporary tattoos including these beauties to inspire and remind you of your ultimate beauty and desires. There are tons of other inspiring designs including several Core Desired Feelings script tattoos. You gotta get some of these.

Brooke - Those are so pretty!! Are the tattoos actually gold?? (as in gold coloured, not real gold!)

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Made By Hand – March

MADE BY HANDI am an artist. A maker. A creator. One of my favorite parts of the creative process is knowing that the thing/idea that I just had didn’t exist before I created it. I have a unique, powerful and valuable contribution to make to this life as a maker. Fiber arts is probably my deepest loved form of creative, artistic expression. I have always loved sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, weaving and hand-spinning yarn. All of those things, I taught myself to do. My husband particularly remembers my first foray into hand spun yarns. Picture it :: a dark, wintery afternoon and a girl with her brand new drop spindle and handful of roving. The yarn kept breaking, she got sweaty and cranky (she might have cursed too) and she was ready to pitch her drop spindle into the fire. He suggested she try YouTube. Wouldn’t you know it, after watching a few tutorials, the sweating decreased as did the cursing. In fact, she made yarns steadily and jumped at the chance to buy a spinning wheel when one became available in the local newspsaper. Now, after replacing the wheel I lost in the fire, I’m back in the spinner’s seat and am playing with dyeing my own yarns and roving.

My newest obsession is fractal yarn. It’s a two (or more) ply handspun yarn where the single roving/top is broken into long sections and the color variegations are spun together to create interesting and perfectly coordinating color shifts. Totally and completely addicted. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been spinning and when they’re done, I’ll be posting them on Instagram. Stay tuned. I’m totally addicted!

Are you a fiber artist? Do you dye, spin, weave or knit? Show me what you make! I’d love to see it! Link to your Instagram or Flickr or wherever else you share your works below! I love hearing from my readers and I love being inspired by others’ work!

Brooke - Yay!! All your instagram photos and stories about dying and spinning is renewing my love for knitting…despite the never ending baby blanket project!!

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Pinterest Junkie – March Edition

You probably know how much I love Pinterest but in the off chance that you have no idea, I’ll tell you that I have almost 7,500 pins of items ranging from recipes, crafts and clothing ideas to photography concepts, quilting and knitting patterns, tree forts and chicken coops. It’s eye candy at it’s best. This month, I’d like to highlight a few of my recent favorite pins to inspire you and maybe motivate you to create something or support a small-scale maker/business by buying their wares. Some of these things are items I hope or plan to make, others are just lovely things to imagine owning or making.march list love1// Quilted top vintage footstool – This darling little shabby chic footstool has me all twitterpated and while the original one is sold out, I’m convinced I can recreate my own version of it. I think that this summer, I’ll be using this design as my inspiration for a little foot rest for my front room. Definitely going to save some of my treasured quilting fabrics for this project.

2// Arrow Art - I have a special love for watercolor and arrows so naturally, this little piece of art struck all the right notes for me. It is a digital download that may not be available for free anymore but it has inspired me to break out my watercolors and create something similar for my walls.

3// Seed Bead Stacking Bracelets -  these pretty little stacking bracelets came up in a recent search I did for jewelry making projects for me to use up some of the beads I’ve ordered to use for my Kihembe bracelets but the holes are drilled to small to use as planned so I’m trying to come up with another plan. I really, really love these. Imagine, moonstones, garnets and light turquoise apatite.

4// Chakra Balancing Essential Oils Chart - I am a diehard essential oils user. When I came across this chart, I was super excited to start using my oils and my new chakras knowledge together to create balance and harmony. Just what I was looking for!

5// Hand Lettering Mediums – I’m new to the world of hand lettering and am keen to find out what various artists are using to make their art. It gives me a great reason to practice and it also gives me a great reason to buy and try out new products and media!

6// Bottega Veneta Handbag – I’m pretty sure this is last season’s design but the weave pattern that is the Bottega Veneta trademark as well as the relaxed shape of this bag gets me really turned on. Not $4500 turned on but I will admit that it’s a gorgeous piece.

7// Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto – Me and food, we have a special kind of love affair. Especially if there’s risotto involved. I once believed this to be a technically difficult dish to prepare but I was wrong. I know now that this dish is nearly as easy to make as it is to eat. And that bacon? Please.


What things are at the top of your “Recently Pinned” list? What are you crushing on right now? Let me know!!

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